Cisco Session

The Cisco Church of Christ summer session will run from June 21-27, 2015.

Our goal for our children is for them to learn about God. We offer Bible classes every morning which cover a variety of topics. We always strive to relate the classes back to what the youth of today are dealing with. This is one of the ways that we have designed for the youth to encounter Jesus at camp.

We will not let go of the fact that summer camp is supposed to be fun. We build in ample free time for campers to play sports, create arts and crafts, socialize, and just have a good time. We also make sure that there is some form of evening entertainment which, this year, included Rock the Ranch!

Worship is at the core of our camp. We spend a lot of time singing to and praising our God. Throughout the day, there are times set aside to meet in the Tabernacle to worship. Every evening, we sing under the Texas stars to the God who spread them out.

Our camp is a great place for kids to come and mature. Our goal is to have campers leave LCCC having experienced spiritual growth. Growth is a process, but with God’s help, it happens here.

Each year we pray for the incoming campers. We pray that God will open their hearts to Him, and we trust that this will happen. Year after year, God has allowed this to happen and it has been a blessing for us to have been a part of that..

Camp 2015 Application for Campers